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How To Order

For ordering online, please follow the guidelines below.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Products can be ordered from the pages that feature the products.
Details and prices for our products can be found on those same pages.

Visit our Cravats page.
Visit our Ties page.
Visit our Bow-Ties  page.
Visit our Sashes page.
Visit our Cravat Pins and Cufflinks page.



Before ordering:
Browse through our colour charts to see the various shades of silk from which you can choose the colour (or colours) for your cravats, ties, bow-ties or sashes to be made.
Request fabric samples or use our colour-matching service to help you decide on the colour of your cravats, ties, or other items.
Cravat Pins & Cufflinks are available in a variety of gemstone types and colours.

Browse our website

Adding items to your Shopping Basket:

Once you have decided on all the items you would like, visit the pages featuring the products you wish to order and you will be able to order items by clicking on the Add to Basket button buttons.
You should enter any necessary information (colour, size, etc.,) and a quantity for each item. The default quantity that the buttons add to the basket is 1. You can also change the quantity of each item ordered in the shopping cart itself. Click the View Basket links and then you can increase or decrease quantities, or remove items as you wish.

Add items to your shopping basket

Choose your shipping method

Review your order:
When you have added all the items you want to your basket, you will be able to review all items and see the total cost of your order by clicking on the View Basket links. Choose the shipping method you prefer (choices offered will depend on the country in which you are based) and the basket will calculate the total amount you will be charged including shipping costs.

Paying by card

Complete your purchase:

Next, simply click on the 'Checkout' button to complete your purchase. Payment for your order can be made online using a credit or debit card, or PayPal.

You will be given the opportunity to specify a delivery address if different from your home address (all parcels have to be signed for so you can enter an address where someone will be present to take delivery, such as a work address, etc).

The currency of our checkout is British Pound (GBP Sterling)
Payment by a non UK registered Credit Card will be made in GBP Sterling
 and the converted amount will be shown on your Credit Card statement.

Order By Post:
You may also order by post (within the UK only).
Print our Mail-Order Form (prints 2 pages) which you can complete, and send to us through the post. Sorry but we no longer accept cheques. As an alternative you can provide your telephone number on the order-form so we can call to take a card payment over the telephone once we have received your order, or you can provide your email address so that we can email your invoice.

Order by post


Delivery Timescales:
Orders for Cravats, Ties, Bow-Ties, Sashes, will be made up to order for you, by our team.
Our usual turnaround time for our made-to-order products is as follows:
Cravats, Ties, Bow-Ties, Sashes: - approximately 30 days
However, if you need a faster turnaround time or if you need a last-minute order making, please contact us or phone first to check on the feasibility of us producing your order in the timescales you have.
If you need an order rushed through, please ask us, we may be able to do it for you.

Orders that consist solely of Cufflink and Cravat Pin sets will normally be shipped between 1 and 10 days. However, if you are including made-to-order or made-to-measure items (cravats, ties, bow-ties, sashes) in the same order, then the delivery timescales for those items will apply.

The delivery times stated are for UK orders.
Delivery times for Non-UK orders: Add shipping transit time on top of usual order turnaround times (will vary depending on destination and shipping method).

Shipping » Choose your preferred shipping method when you reach the checkout. SHIPPING INFO...
Shopping basket will add shipping amount according to the total value of your order, shipping method and destination.
Currency of our checkout is British Pound (GBP Sterling)

Non UK Payments »
Payment by a non UK registered Credit Card will be made in GBP Sterling and the converted amount will be shown on your Credit Card statement. To compare the amount that your order would be in another currency, visit our Currency Conversion page

Overseas shipping charge is for transit only and does not include any Customs Duties, Taxes or other Procedures which may apply.

We accept

Visa Maestro/Switch Visa Delta Mastercard Electron Solo


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