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Cravats Self-Tie  or  Ready-Tied

Our Wedding Cravats are custom made to colour-match any wedding colour theme. We can match our cravats to any colour theme you have in mind for your special day.

Check out our massive colour range and our very useful
Colour-Matching and Fabric Sample Service!

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You can order your Cravats to be made in any of our colours and in any of the following styles:
Self-Tie Cravat
, Ready-Tied Ruche or Ready-Tied Classic. (More info below).
Just select your choice of style from the drop-down menu.

Cravat in Candy-Floss No:55, tied scrunch style.

Cravat in Fern No:50, tied scrunch style.

Self-Tie Cravats

Order Self-Tie

Our SELF-TIE Cravats are supplied untied for you to tie them yourself in the style of your choice.

Visit our How To Tie Your Cravat page for instructions on how to tie them in these styles (it's easier than you'd think!) Or invent your own style!

Our Self-Tie cravats can be tied in ANY style you like!
All our cravat styles can be worn with both wing collar shirts and regular collar shirts.

Self-Tie Cravat
shown tied into a
RUCHE style
(col: Candy Floss)

Self-Tie Cravat
shown tied into a
(col: Sorbet)

Self-Tie Cravat
shown tied into a
RUCHE style
(col: Fern)


Order Ready-Tied

Ready-Tied Cravats

Our READY-TIED cravats are available in two styles:

 - In a 'Ruche' style (shown on left & right opposite).

 - In a 'Classic' style (centre), decorative pin optional.

Our Ready-Tied Cravats feature a fastener on the neckband that simply fastens the cravat around the shirt collar. No tying necessary! It's done for you!
The neckband is adjustable to fit most collar sizes.

Ready-Tied RUCHE in Pacific 107

Ready-Tied Classic cravat in Terracotta 174

Ready-Tied RUCHE in Holiday FSD52

RUCHE style
(Col: Pacific)

(col: Terracotta)

RUCHE style
(col: Holiday)

Add matching Pocket Squares on the Pocket Squares page, or the pocket square section on this page. 


Our Self-Tie and Ready-Tied Cravats are available to order in hundreds of different fabric shades,
so please visit our main colour chart menu for the full range of colours.
Our Colour-Matching and Fabric Sample Service is available to help you to find the right colour.

Order your Cravats in this section:

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Quantities can be changed in the shopping basket after you have added your items.
Delivery costs are calculated according to the total value of the order and will be added at checkout.

Mens' Cravat, any style:

Choose style from drop-down menu: Self-Tie Cravat, Ready-Tied Ruche or Ready-Tied Classic style.

Colour Name:

Colour Ref.No:

Quantity :

Mens' (adult) size cravat,
any plain colour, any style


We have HUNDREDS of colours available! These are just a few!


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Add your matching Pocket Squares in the Pocket Square section below.

Boys' Cravat, 3 sizes, any style:

Any plain colour, any style:
Choose style from drop-down menu: Self-Tie Cravat, Ready-Tied Ruche or Ready-Tied Classic style.

Boy's Large
Approx age: 8 to 12yrs
(for heights 128cm to 152cm)
27.00 each

Boy's Medium
Approx age: 4 to 7yrs
(for heights 104cm to 122cm)
24.50 each

Boy's Small
Approx age: up to 3 yrs
(for heights up to 98cm)
22.00 each

Colour Name:
Colour Ref. No:
Quantity :

Colour Name:
Colour Ref. No:
Quantity :

Colour Name:
Colour Ref.No:
Quantity :

Add your matching Pocket Squares in the Pocket Square section below.

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Add your Pocket Squares here:


Order your pocket squares to match your Cravats, Ties or Bow-Ties:



Plain colour Pocket Squares
6.50 each.


Pocket Square in a suit jacket top pocket

Colour Name:
Colour Ref.No:

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Need to purchase an additional piece of the fabric?
We are often asked by our customers if we are able to supply them with a short length of the same fabric from which we are making their cravats, ties, etc., with a view to using this matching fabric to tie flowers or make decorations so that the colour theme of the wedding is continued throughout.

Fabric by the Piece: Plain Colours only:

We are able to supply a piece of the same plain colour Silk or other plain colour fabric from which
your cravats, ties or other items are being made.
Just add this to your main order.

We can supply as little as 10cm (x fabric width) at 5.00
or 20cm (x fabric width) at 10.00, and so on by multiples
 of 10cm up to 1 metre (x fabric width)*
 The width of the fabric is approximately 112cm.

(Fabric-only orders: Please see note** below)

Fabric Colour Name:
Colour Ref.No:

* PLEASE NOTE: Fabric amounts of up to 1 metre will only be supplied as part of a larger order, for example: if you are also ordering cravats, ties, bow-ties, sashes, etc., in that colour fabric. 
Sorry but we can't accept fabric-only orders. Fabric is only supplied as part of an order for our other products, for example: if you are ordering our made-to-order cravats, ties, bow-ties, sashes etc., in that colour fabric.

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PLEASE NOTE: Our Cravats are 'Made-To-Order' items.

To add Ties to your order, visit our Ties page
To add Bow-Ties to your order, visit our Bow Ties page
To add Sashes to your order, visit our Sashes page
To add Pocket Squares to your order, visit our
Pocket Squares page.

Turnaround / Delivery Timescales »
Please bear in mind that items ordered from this page will be made up to order for you, by our team. Our usual turnaround time for our made-to-order Cravats is approximately 30 days. However, if you need a last-minute order making, please
CONTACT US or phone first to check on the feasibility of us producing your order in the timescales you have.
If you need an order rushed through, please ask us, we may be able to do it for you.

Please allow 30 days for completion and dispatch of Cravat orders.
The 30 day delivery timescale stated is for UK orders.
Delivery times for Non-UK orders can be longer and can vary depending on destination and shipping transit times.

Shipping » Choose your preferred shipping method when you reach the checkout. SHIPPING INFO...
Our shopping basket will add shipping amount according to the total value of your order, shipping method and destination.
Currency of our checkout is British Pound (GBP Sterling)

Non UK Payments »
Payment by a non UK registered Credit Card will be made in GBP Sterling and the converted amount will be shown on your Credit Card statement.

Made-to-Order items are non-returnable.
For full details please read our
Terms and Conditions (note 6.2)


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